Handphone sekarang memang sangat mempengaruhi kehidupan seharian. Daripada pergi tandas sehingga waktu keluar makan bersama kawan-kawan tetapi masih sibuk mengadap handphone. Berikut 24 tanda, jika ada salah satu bermakna anda sudah 'berlebihan' dengan handphone anda.

1. You’ve been late to something because you lost track of time while using your phone.

2. You check your phone even when you don’t have any alerts.

3. You can tell when your phone is ringing in another room even when it’s on silent.

4. You’ve had a meal like this…

5. You’ve felt a phantom vibration.

6. You spend concerts taking videos.

7. You’ve gotten out of bed to check your phone in the middle of the night.

8. You can’t remember the last time you went without your phone for 12 hours.

9. You put your phone calls on speaker so that you can text or use your browser at the same time.

10. You still have updates you need to make on your phone but don’t do it because there is never a “convenient” time.

11. You’ve told someone to “hold on” or asked them to repeat themselves because you were looking at your phone and not paying attention.

12. You’ve panicked that you couldn’t find your phone when it was in your pocket.

13. You’ve left someplace because your phone is about to die.

14. You’ve missed an important part of a movie because you were busy on your phone.

15. You hold onto your phone even when you shouldn’t be using it.

16. You’ve had nightmares about phones.

17. You’ve slept somewhere besides your bed because the charger won’t reach it.

18. You’ve only had 3% battery left but continued to use it anyway. Then complained when it died.

19. You don’t feel bad texting during a movie.

20. You make calls or text while you’re using the bathroom.

21. You’ve emptied everything in your bag in a panic because you’ve lost your phone to the black abyss.

22. You text under the table because your loved ones tell you you shouldn’t be texting.

23. Or worse, you just keep it on the table through the whole meal.

24. You say how much you hate your phone but never try to go without it.

sumber: buzzfeed